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Bees are venomous - sometimes deadly

Bees are a common problem during summer, often when the commercial honey bee seeks to establish a new hive inside a wall cavity of a residential or commercial premises.
A swarm of bees can be extremely aggressive and are known to attack a person in such large numbers as to cause death. Also they are known to carry a highly toxic venom which is injected directly into the victim's bloodstream, thereby inflicting a hideous swelling of the skin, particularly of children and people with a fair complexion.
In some cases, death may arise to people who are allergic to the bee venom or who are bitten by the swarm of bees in large numbers.

Bee Control - Safety First

DO NOT attempt to eradicate swarming bees, unless you have the complete range of protective equipment and professional knowledge essential in the circumstances.
RECOMMENDED Best Pest Control Practice: Due to the dangers surrounding the eradication of bees, it is recommended that a professional pest management firm be consulted when honey bees are encountered in a structure.  Bees are beneficial insects and sometimes a bee swarm can be removed by a skilled bee keeper without having to rely on destroying the bees. A professional pest control service for bees can eradicate a swarming hive of bees, using the safer more effective synthetic pyrethroid insecticides. Additional work may be required to eliminate the honey and honey combs that may be present and attract other pests once the bees are removed or eliminated.

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